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live concert photos from July 27, 2013
Photos by Keith Gasper
Mac Miller 1-81, Earl Sweatshirt 82-123, Chance The Rapper 124-173, The Internet 174-218, Vince Staples 219-245, Crowd 246-265

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Mac Miller Turns The Eagles Ballroom Into A Zoo

The weekend of hip-hop at The Rave/Eagles Club continued Saturday night with Mac Miller’s Space Migration Tour. Miller has sold out the Eagles Ballroom twice before, and with how much colossal talent there was on this bill, it was a no brainer that he would do it again. With much of the talent coming from the collaborative group Odd Future Kill Them All, or simply Odd Future, Vince Staples, The Internet, Chance The Rapper, and Earl Sweatshirt made up the bulk of the all-star line-up. Chance and Miller being the exceptions to the Odd Future group.

As soon as the doors opened, the monstrous crowd ran to the front of the stage and immediately began battling each other for front row bragging rights. Before long Vince Staples ran on stage with a short but energetic set. Staples mainly focused on hyping the crowd up, not that they needed it. Between sets, DJ’s would come out and play a few radio songs which the crowd shouted and bounced along blissfully.

After all the intensity brought on by Staples, The Internet threw the crowd a curveball with their mellow blend of jazz and funk as front woman Syd Tha Kyd tried to sooth the crowd with her savory voice. The band was a much needed break from all the insanity brought upon sugar high kids and gut punching hip-hop. During the set, Syd expressed concern for many of the people who were crammed at the front of the crowd. Even begging security to be a little more alert to those that need help.

Chicago native Chance the Rapper turned the hype level back up as the rising hip-hop star performed hits off his highly acclaimed release “acidrap”. The young artist is one of the most acclaimed up and coming stars and was included in 2012’s XXL Freshman list. (Along with Earl Sweatshirt and Logic who performed at The Eagles Club not long ago) Tip toeing around stage and singing passages that harken back to a young Eminem, Chance brought one of the most unique vocal performances of the night. One minute he’d be spitting bars from “Brain Cells” to singing soulfully on “Everybody’s Something”. If not that, he will mostly be remembered for dowsing the tired and dehydrated crowd with a few ounces of water via super soaker.

“What’s up Indiana?…or Coachella?….or where ever the f**ck we at.” Asked the sarcastic Earl Sweatshirt, “Milwaukee, are you ready for this s**t?” Earl Sweatshirt is one of the biggest rappers from the West Coast right now. That point was made obvious when a flurry of people began singing along with opener “Earl”. The rapper would go from each side of the stage, pausing during verses to listen to the mesmerized crowd sing back at him. He systematically had the ocean of fans waving their hands and shouting “I’ll f**k the freckles off your face!” The mob of people went berserk when Mac Miller came out and exchanged bars with Earl on “150 Molasses”. A treat Earl would later repay during Millers set on “I’m Not Real”.

After all the tireless dancing, body passing and endless screaming, one would think the massive crowd was just about ready to go home. Yet once the light dimmed and smoke began to fill the Eagles Ballroom, the crowd chanted for Miller to come on stage. And like a wild lion busting out of a cage, Mac Miller ran to center stage and furiously busted out in to “Loud”.

Miller’s work has been extensive over his short career as an MC. The twenty-one year old has nearly a dozen records, mostly comprised of mixtapes, and two full length LP’s under his belt. With all the content he has to offer, you would think it would be hard to keep up. Yet the throng of people in the ballroom sang along word for word to every song during the 90 minute set.

The night was broke up in to two different sets. The first mainly focusing on crowd pleasing hits and new material from his recently released “Watching Movies With The Sound Off”. While the second portion saw Miller collaborating with a live band comprised of members of The Internet, and even Miller himself donning a guitar.

During the first half, the crowd was ecstatic. Flailing, jumping and smiling ear to ear while Miller sporadically ran around stage, stomped and danced to “Lucky Ass Bitch”, “Gees” and “I’m Not Real”. The latter offering Earl Sweatshirt more face time before he had to take a bathroom break. During a moody performance of “Avian”, the crowd donned lighters filling the ballroom with what looked like 3,000 fireflies swaying side to side.

A few songs into the second “Space Migration” set, Miller noticed that a few people started to file out. “You guys have been so awesome, but I understand the whole curfew thing.” Immediately following that up with a spacey, mellow guitar solo that cleanly segued in to “Remember”. Something Miller needs to do is mold his sets into something more powerful. Though the second set was phenomenal, it really broke the stride of the performance and seemed to go on just a little too long. He can really bust a performance wide open if he just got down to business.

After the second set, Miller barely made it off stage before the remaining crowd screamed for an encore. Miller came back onstage and sat down by a piano and played an eclectic version of “Youforia”, before quickly turning the ballroom in to a dance floor with “Frick Park Market” and the sensational hit “Donald Trump”.

Does Mac Miller even need to get on stage for a crowd to go bat s**t crazy? Probably not. The mention of his name will send any fan in to a fit of insanity, and his performances have enough energy to validate that. This young hip-hop star has nothing but time to develop further and become the biggest rapper in the country. He said Milwaukee is his favorite city to play, and I’m sure everyone will eagerly wait for his inevitable return.




Lucky Ass Bitch

Nikes On My Feet


Red Dot Music




I’m Not Real


Of The Soul

Onaroll (Pink Slime)

Space Migration Set w/ The Internet


Best Day Ever

I Am Who Am (Killin Time)

Bird Call

Watching Movies






Frick Park Market

Duck Hunters

Donald Trump


- Keith Gasper
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