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live concert photos from August 21, 2013
Photos by Kiri Lin
Ke$ha 1-91, Mike Posner 92-115, Semi Precious Weapons 116-161, Crowd 162-169

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Finding your way to the Kesha show at The Rave/Eagles Club was as easy as following the trail of glitter that lined the streets in downtown Milwaukee. The Eagles Ballroom was packed to capacity with teenage girls ready to party with their generations Madonna.

The night started with Semi Precious Weapons, a pop synth band out of New York. Right out of the gate they sounded like they came straight from the 80’s, especially watching Justin Tranter who seemingly conjures up a performance like that of David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust persona. Dancing and almost convulsing in place, Tranter’s vocals were beautifully laid on the cusp of low and grimy and crystal clear falsetto.  As for the rest of the band, besides drummer Dan Crean, everyone else seemed to be lost in the mix. Though you could barely hear Pyne’s guitar, he completely owned it as if he was the only one plugged in. This all went overlooked as much of the crowd was a bit A.D.D, taking selfies and conversing amongst themselves, unless Tranter was interrupting them with giveaways and repeatedly telling them his band’s name.

The giveaways didn’t stop there, as Mike Posner gave a crowd pleasing performance. (And a plush teddy bear)After modestly soaking in the roar of the crowd, Posner got the crowd on their feet to participate in an all-out sing along. Considering the crowd was made up of overly excited girls, it was easy for Posner to captivate them with his laid back charisma, as he slipped on a robe. The pace of the set was fluid, and Posner gave all his energy despite saying how humid it was in the ballroom. The only thing his set could do without is Baauer’s “Harlem Shake”, which seemed like a cheap gimmick to push the already ready electrified crowd in to overdrive.

Though the wait for Kesha seemed arduous, the top 40 radio songs blasting over the PA made the crowd even forget there were opening acts. When the music cut out and the lights dimmed, four dancers marched onstage; vaguely dressed as samurais, slithering around stage until a blast of smoke was released and out of the plume came Kesha.

Clad in a glittery purple corset, Kesha set it off with the appropriate “Warrior”. Most of the performance was aligned with a songs particular connotation. This, along with the well-choreographed dance moves, and hallucinogenic visuals that synced with the music proved to be great eye candy. This was taken to a literal sense when the shirtless dancers had giant eyeballs for heads. And of course Kesha was the center of attention as she changed wardrobes frequently, and even when she was off stage, dark twisted videos of Kesha were played to keep the crowd entertained.

Most of the performance from Kesha herself was mostly focused on flirting with her dancers, shaking her talents around stage and dousing the crowd. At one point she could be seen grinding a saw blade against the metal plated dancers causing a shower of sparks to shoot out, and having a pool party on stage. The pop star showed great vocal stamina, and sounded amazing as she belted out hits like “Dirty Love”, “Blah Blah Blah”, “Your Love Is My Drug” and “Tik Tok”, even if the back track did get in the way sometimes. The stage antics (like the pool party) seemed way too rehearsed to appear as if they were being done on a whim. But maybe it had to do with the fact this show was being filmed for her reality TV show, “My Crazy Beautiful Life”.

For the encore, Kesha was accompanied by four percussionists who drummed the beat to “Die Young” with volatile force. As Kesha walked down the stairs center stage in a golden corset and a giant feathery crown, there was one final blast of confetti and glitter that covered the entire room. As everyone emptied the ballroom, leaving a trail of glitter behind, Kesha’s provocative last words rang through their heads,“I hope you find a piece of glitter somewhere naughty and think of me.”



Crazy Kids

We R Who We R


Gold Trans AM

Dirty Love

Take It Off

Machine Gun Love

Party At A Rich Dudes House




Blah Blah Blah


Tik Tok



Die Young

- Keith Gasper
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